The nights under winter skies

I am self-portrait, nature and landscape photographer based in Iceland.

Born in Poland, I was painting landscapes at my early age. Later, I was drawn to photography as a way to depict beauty in natural environments. Souring from nature, I aim to show its magic and hope more people could notice its healing power and care about our planet.

My vision is to inspire through authenticity and emotions by photographing dramatic natural landscapes often with myself in order to create a magical, dream-like atmosphere. 

My photographic journey started in the US where I lived for 14 years (mostly in the West coast) before moving back to Europe. In 2019, after seven visits to Iceland I decided to move here and currently I am chasing my dreams of experiencing and photographing phenomena such as northern lights and ice caves on a regular basis.

I offer museum-grade fine art prints of my work as well as private instructions and photo editing sessions. 

Thank you for stopping by :)

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