About Me - Agnieszka Mrowka Photography

Born in Poland, I was painting landscapes at my early age. Later, I was drown to photography as a way to depict beauty in natural environments. Souring from nature, I aim to show its magic and hope to inspire people to believe in its healing power and care about our planet.

My vision is to inspire through emotions by photographing dramatic natural landscapes often with myself or wildlife in order to create a magical, dream-like atmosphere. I love to share the natural beauty of our planet that is often fleeting, and has touched my heart so deeply. The beauty that makes me go fearlessly to far away places, and while standing in awe of natural phenomena helps me realize my humble place on this planet.

My traveling style could often be described as minimalist, ultra light backpacking and I am open for collaboration. I sell prints of my work, which can be ordered directly by clicking through my galleries on my home page.

Thank you for stopping by :)

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